Dr Oscar Presas

Dear Friend,

I’m Dr. Oscar Presas, a Dallas Back and Neck Pain Specialist dedicated to helping others enjoy lasting relief from chronic and severe pain. I can help restore your body, mind and outlook with a non-surgical, no-drug treatment plan that offers fantastic results.

I know the hardship of missed work, lost opportunities and damaged relationships when your pain is persistent and untreated. I understand the physical and emotional pain when you feel you’ve run out of options.

But I want you to know THERE’S HOPE!

Using state-of-the-art spinal decompression and gentle upper cervical correction (NUCCA) techniques, I’ve been able to treat the vast majority of the most difficult, intense pain for my patients. I’ve had hundreds of success stories that were once in your shoes — and are now living a life that seemed unimaginable when they first walked through my doors.

It’s not a miracle cure — and I can’t help everyone. But a huge percentage of my patients experience a “tremendous” level of pain relief — some of them after just a few visits!

Your expert care and full recovery are my top priority.

I love what I do and feel deeply rewarded whenever I can help. So call me today at (972) 916-9432 to arrange a FREE, no-obligation consultation. I’ll be completely honest about my ability to find the true cause of your condition and develop a course of treatment to provide LASTING RELIEF from your pain.

I look forward to treating you soon!


Dr. Oscar Presas, DC