Dr. Presas, D.C. is a NUCCA-trained practitioner dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable treatment and healing experience. Having performed over 40,000 non-surgical spinal decompression procedures, he believes there is no substitute to experience, training, knowledge, and confidence. His patients, who travel from all over the DFW metroplex, Oklahoma, and Louisiana to have his care, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. Presas a little better. We hope you find these testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.


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Leisa’s Story

Kendra’s Story

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Judy H.
Featured review

I have spinal stenosis and have seen so many physicians and specialists over the years. NO ONE has given me relief like Dr. Rader!!!!!! I am no longer experiencing pain at all. I encourage anyone who is in pain to definitely see if Dr. Rader can help you! I am so...

Cynthia M.

My visit was great! My back is feeling better all the time. I am still pain free in my right leg which is so wonderful! My next step is to start working out with a trainer so I can strengthen my back even more. Due to the pain I was going through, I could not do...

Michael B.
Customer since 2018

I am currently a patient in the process of using North Dallas Spine Center to alleviate the severe pain I am experiencing in my neck. I'm leaving this review in the middle of my treatment process.

For starters, this office is staffed with some of the most...

Ilham A.
Long Distance Fan

I love this place so much that I travel from PA for my sessions, it is worth every bit too!!! The moment you walk in, there is a beautiful atmosphere, absolutely professional/very very very nice people, and the sessions have relieved my tailbone and lower back...

Isabella S.
Best Service

Always the best service and they really take care if you at this office.

Excellent Doctor
John G.

Dr Presas is excellent in his work. Always come away feeling better.

Bethany M.
NUCCA Improved Health and Life

Everyone is very friendly. NUCCA has improved my health and my life.

Evelyn E.
Answer to Pain

I do not know where to begin. The staff is friendly and always ready to answer any of my questions. The appointments are easy to schedule ALL THANKS TO THE LOVELY LADIES IN RECEPTION. Dr. Presas has been amazing! No other DR could help me diagnose me. However,...

Connie B.
Back Improvements

Great place, wonderful people My back improvements are a miracle.

Lisa S.
Pain Free

In June 2017 Dr. Presas helped me tremendously! I was suffering with a freshly herniated disc at L4 L5 and had terrible pain down my left leg anytime I stood up or sat down. The only relief I could get was laying down. Dr. Presas did NUCCA corrections on me as...

Personable Doctor

Dr. Presas is always professional and personable. It is an hour drive for me in just one direction and worth it. Also, the office staff is always happy and friendly.

Ellen D.
Great Doctor and Staff

Love the Doctor and stsff!!

Timothy (Scott) M.
Dr Presas Helped Ease Pain

All the Doctors reviewing My MRI’s wanted to immediately do surgery to Remove badly herniated Disc pinching my spunal cord. it was causing sickness, lack of sleep, serious pain, and immobility to name a few. I was losing hope of finding any Doctor to give me any...

Glenn F.
Doctor is Awesome

Dr. Presas is awesome! He has helped several members of our family!

Fran B.
Doctor is the Best

As always Dr Presas is the best.

Edwin T.
Effective Treatment

The doctor and his staff are wonderful and professional! The treatments have been very effective, and I would recommend them highly to others.

Don M.
Attentive Staff and Doctor

The Warmth of the staff and of Dr. Presas is outstanding, team spirit truly manifest itself through attentive care. The Professional treatment and determination to have positive results is reflected in the efforts made to ensure you receive total satisfaction. I...

Patricia S.
Accomodating with Schedule

Very accommodating due to scheduling change. Treatments work and are very pleasant. Dr. And office staff are great.

Victor P.
Sincere and Caring Doctor

I want to thank the staff and Dr. Oscar Presas for the kindness and professional help they’ve given me. I’ve been treated there for close to a month and I have to say… WHAT A RELIEF! Patience and committed to your session plan will truly help your pain reduce. I...

Nicole S.
Felt Better After Adjustment

As a California transplant – I was unsure of who I would find for my family when it came to NUCCA care. Dr. Presas was amazing, slightly different techniques for determining alignment but correction was spot on. I IMMEDIATELY felt better after my adjustment and I...

Sofia S.
Great NUCCA Doctor

Great place just moved here from California and found another great NUCCA doctor..Dr Presas was very thorough.

NDSC Patient from Plano, TX
Walking Straight Again

“You are so good at this stuff because you made my dad walk straight (again).”

Thank you so much for taking care of my mom!! She is feeling much better now!! And plus, thank you for taking care of Daddy too. You are so good at this stuff because you made my...

NDSC Patient from Dallas, TX
Back Pain

“…you took my pain level from a 10 to a 3, and without medication.”

I want to thank you and your staff for helping me in my very painful time of need. You made me have hope for the medical field again. Doctors today take so long to get you in and then they...

NDSC Patient from Willow Park, TX
Saved from Surgery

“Rob has managed to avoid serious back surgery and maintain strenuous work levels for many, many years…”

Rob and I just wanted to take the opportunity at the start of a new year to that you for your care and your gift to us of good health.

Although, through...

NDSC Patients from Sanger, TX
Better Health

You and your practice are truly a blessing to our family.”

I just wanted to take a moment and send this email to you to “thank you so much” for all that you have done for Wayne. This past weekend was the most pleasant time we have spent together since before...

NDSC Patient from Allen, TX
Pain Down Leg (Sciatica)

“It has been over two weeks since my last adjustment and I’m thrilled to tell you I have not had one incident with my back and no electrical shocks.”

I understand the NUCCA Technique is the manual method of adjusting the atlas subluxation complex and is based...

NDSC Patient from The Colony, TX
Back Stiffness

“We have been thrilled with the results….I can’t tell you how much it has helped.”

When our family walked into your office in May, I didn’t know what to expect. We have been thrilled with the results. Our son Josh competes at a high level in junior golf and...

Professional Doctor

The Dr was very professional and friendly. He has a good technique. The office ladies were great. And it’s such a nice space.

Good Experience at NDSC

So glad I found North Dallas Spine Center. Always a good experience.

Back Pain

“…it literally made me a new person.”

You have made a huge difference in my life in helping me get back to normal with no more pain in my neck region. I sleep better, have more energy to do yard work, hose work or just walking the dog. I will definitely...


“Kudos to the Spine Center!”

When I read about the treatment technique at the Spine Center it just made so much sense to me. It’s pretty simple when you think about it – if the issue is compression than the obvious solution is decompression! And it worked just...

Excellent Treatment
Excellent Treatment

“Excellent treatment and Miguel is AWESOME!”

Spinal Decompression, Herniated Disc and Inflamed Sciatic Nerve
Spinal Decompression, Herniated Disc and Inflamed Sciatic Nerve

“Spinal Decompression helped me to avoid surgery.”

I have found relief without taking pain pills. Spinal Decompression has worked for me. I am now in a maintenance program, and hope that this will be the end of my back pain. I had a herniated disc, and a...

Spinal Decompression
Spinal Decompression

Super friendly, and helpful staff! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of progress I’m going to make with the spinal decompression.

Great Care
Great Care

I appreciate the care and attention that I receive each and every visit.

Fibromyalgia and Foot, Back Pain
Fibromyalgia and Foot, Back Pain

“…during the first de-compression session I noticed my feet were not hurting.”

My feet hurt for years nearly 24/7 and during the first de-compression session I noticed my feet were not hurting. Not only did it help my feet but my back and also my fibromyalgia...

Excellent Service

You were excellent as usual. Look forward to seeing everyone next visit. Merry Christmas.

Effective Treatment

Every one is very friendly and more important the treatment is effective.


You will not find a better practice that has you in mind, your healing, your comfort and improvement are their top concern. You will leave each appointment feeling like your healing as began. I love the team effort, wonderful office.

Great Equipment
Great Equipment

It was great having the resting chairs back. My rest is more complete. Wish I had room in my home for one of these.


Same service as I receive in WA State. Thanks.

Herniated Disc, Damaged and Inflamed Sciatic Nerve

I went to North Dallas Spine Center to get relief from my herniated disc and a damaged and inflamed sciatic nerve. My visit was not in vain. I am now on maintenance to keep my back in line, and I also go back to munch on all their goodies that are on display. I especially like their ginger chews!

No Pain

After just 3 visits, I am walking without limping or pain. I feel better than I have felt in almost 2 yrs. Needless to say, I am so thrilled to have found North Dallas Spine Center.

Good Attitude

Always happy. Excellent attitude.

Welcoming Atmosphere and Courteous, Professional Service

Nice staff, never overbooked, quick, courteous, and professional. Location has a warm inviting atmosphere.

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